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Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd absent for game's final plays

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

During the end of Pitt's 58-55 win over Duke, if you were paying attention, you may have noticed Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd wasn't in there. With a team-high seven catches for 147 yards and three touchdowns, and with the Panthers needing a big 3rd down catch to keep the drive alive, Boyd's absence made little real sense.

The Post-Gazette's Sam Werner has the scoop, though:

Man, I feel a lot better having heard that. Not good that Boyd was too hurt to play, obviously, but his not being on the field would have reeked of a huge coaching gaffe.

Doesn't sound too serious and Boyd should be good as new pretty quickly. But had the Panthers somehow lost that game, not having Boyd available would have been a huge topic of discussion. The good news, though, is that the Panthers had him available for most of the game and he wasn't off the field very much.

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