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Tom Savage shed interceptions on Saturday

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Streeter Lecka

There was a ton of talk about Pitt's wide receivers all weekend after the Duke game. We gave quarterback Tom Savage our due by naming him our Panther of the Week, but I still think he's been overlooked a bit by Pitt fans.

His performance was, in a word, amazing. Savage threw for just over 400 yards and was only about 50 away from breaking Pete Gonzalez school record of 470 yards in a game. He had six touchdown passes, one short of Gonzalez' record seven. And at 23 of 33, he completed 70% of his passes.

Another encouraging thing was that Savage finally managed to leave interceptions out of his box score statistics. He had thrown four in Pitt's first two games and while a couple of his balls could have been picked off on Saturday, it's really difficult to complain about anything he did.

The key for Savage will be to continually keep his interception total down. I opined before that Pitt can live with the occasional pick from Savage simply because of all of the big plays he makes. While that's true, though, Pitt certainly doesn't need double-digit interception games from him.

Savage has proven he can throw the deep ball. He's not a statue in the backfield and will generally throw the ball away. He's also helped to make Devin Street and Tyler Boyd one of the most prolific receiving duos in the nation. If he continues to get away from the interceptions, he could have a special season for Pitt.

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