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Injury bug bites Panthers

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Justin K. Aller

Just as I was saying the Panthers had been relatively healthy last week, that looks to be going out the window.

I mentioned several injuries yesterday. Tyler Boyd was dinged up, but it didn't sound too bad. Bryan Murphy didn't play last week and is questionable. Devin Cook is out for the year and Gabe Roberts had to come out of the Duke game with an unknown injury. Bam Bradley, who didn't even make the trip last week with a shoulder injury, is still trying to get back, too.

Now, it appears there's more.

One thing to watch is Murphy. The Trib's Jerry DiPaola says he's up in the air, but Chryst in his weekly press conference seemed to indicate that he was likely to play. DiPaola also notes that starting linebacker Shane Gordon is sounding doubtful for the game with an unknown injury and that Roberts and Cullen Christian aren't likely to play, either.

None of these injuries in and of itself are likely to derail Pitt, but collectively, the defense in particular gets significantly weaker ... and for a unit that's already struggled a bit, that isn't real encouraging.

Assuming Boyd can go, Gordon's and Murphy's probably hurt the most since they're the starters. But Roberts, Cook, Bradley, and Christian have all cracked the two deep and all told, that's six players that could sit out excluding Boyd. The Virginia game was already going to be a challenge as it is and with all of these guys potentially out, things are getting tougher.

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