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Pitt vs. Virginia - Open Gamethread

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Pitt goes for three in a row today when they face Virginia. We've already given you our preview and predictions, but Pitt could have its hands full today with what has, for the most part, looked like a very good defense. They gave up a whopping 59 points to Oregon, but held BYU to only 16 and shut out VMI.

Don't get me wrong, though - it's a game Pitt can win. The offense has been unreal the past two games, posting over 100 points. And while the defense was bad last week, they also had their moments in forcing four turnovers. The special teams was a mess, but hopefully that gets itself worked out. Pitt comes into the game favored by about a touchdown and with the game at home, that goes to the Panthers' advantage as well.

If you haven't yet, check out our full Pitt-Virginia Game Week page. It has all of our articles in it from this week including our preview, Paul Chryst's press conference, an injury report, our predictions, and much more.

I likely won't be around for the game this week, but some of our other writers should drop in. Comment live below.

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