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Pitt vs. Virginia: Panthers move to 3-1 with win over Cavaliers

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Didn't have a ton of time, but just some quick thoughts on today's game against Virginia.

Most of us questioned the defense after last week's mess, but they proved they can be effective. That's really an understatement, actually. Virginia's offense isn't a great one, but to hold them to three points was more than impressive.

And on defense, Aaron Donald. That is all.

Virginia's defense, of course, showed up, too. They were dealt kind of a bad hand with the early turnovers, but hard to say that the unit isn't legit. Pitt's offense scored more than 100 points the past two weeks and couldn't get anything going on Saturday against the Hoos. For the first touchdown, they only had to move the ball a grand total of 18 yards and on the second, 19 yards. It's really a good thing the Cavs had those gaffes - otherwise, it's a very, very difficult game for Pitt to win.

The offense wasn't real good, but in between the shootout last week and the close game today, Pitt's really snuck out with two wins. Not that they haven't played well enough to win each time, but a few breaks the other direction and Pitt could be 1-3 instead of 3-1.

All in all, though - just a great win to have under the team's belt. Plenty to worry about including two games now where the offense hasn't done much against a good defense and another missed field goal. But, hey, at 3-1 with the only loss coming to a top ten team, hard to complain too loudly.

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