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Panther of the Game: Tyler Boyd

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Panther of the Game: Tyler Boydold of Aaron Donald this week

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

First let me say this about yesterday's game: Aaron Donald is a beast!  They could not contain him.  It seems like we see him do this every week and he was all over the place again Saturday afternoon at Heinz Field.  So, with that said, and with all apologies to the big guy, we have to give freshman Tyler Boyd his third Panther Player of the Game this year.

Despite his first freshman mistake of the year (a fumble after a few nice moves to get up field), Boyd shined again yesterday.  We really are running out of adjectives to describe his play.  The Pitt receiver ended up with two carries for five yards and seven receptions for 111 yards.  It wasn't just the numbers though.  Boyd had, by my count, three crazy catches and the freshman is developing a habit of making ridiculous sideline catches. These are some nicely placed balls by Tom Savage as well, but Boyd just knows how to grab possession of the ball and get one foot down on these plays. His body control and field awareness are just amazing for a freshman.

Boyd's playmaking ability was also complimented by a nice block right after his 37 yard highlight reel grab.  With Savage scrambling for a 10 yard gain, Boyd sprung him with a nice block on the play.

Because of all of this, Tyler Boyd is once again the Panther Player of the Game.  Sorry Aaron.

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