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Where It Went Wrong for Pitt: Tom Savage's first interception

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Tom Savage's mistake leads to an FSU romp.

Justin K. Aller

A new feature here at Cardiac Hill we'll be bringing to you is 'Where it went right' or 'Where it went wrong.' After each week's game, depending on if Pitt won or lost, we'll be bringing you a key play of what helped lead to the victory or defeat. With Monday's deflating loss, we bring you 'Where it went wrong.'

Most of us were jumping up and down and all fired up after Pitt jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead in their game against Florida State on Monday. How quickly things can change, though.

Pitt had all the momentum in the world going and started a drive deep in their own territory. Thanks to a couple of hard runs by true freshman James Conner, the Panthers moved from their own 9-yard line to the 38 on five plays.

Facing a first and ten, Chryst called for a play-action pass. Savage was picked off by Jalen Ramsey and he returned the interception to the Panther 24. The Seminoles never looked back and that's where it started to go wrong for Pitt. The play took the fans out of the game and took the wind right out of the Panthers' sails. They looked great up to that point and that was the big play in the game.

Most didn't expect Pitt to win and many felt the score would be similar to how it turned out. But without that pick, while the Seminoles would still have walked away with a win, the game could have been a bit different.

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