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Pitt Player of the Game: Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd is special

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Believe it or not, if you watched the game, there were some bright spots against Florida State for Pitt. James Conner ran hard and the fast start was certainly exciting to watch. But it's another freshman that takes home our Player of the Week award - Tyler Boyd.

As he proved on Monday night, Boyd is simply a special player and Pitt fans should be very excited about the things he will do in his years as a Panther. With apologies to Devin Street's 6 catches for 141 yards, Boyd's performance was something that caused a lot of trouble for the Seminoles. Also taken into account was that 52 of Street's yards were in garbage time on a bomb from Tom Savage. Boyd carried the ball three times times for 54 yards. His last attempt was sniffed out by Florida State, but Boyd put a sick move on a Seminole defender to gain a first down and then some on the play.

In addition to the rushing attempts, Boyd almost pulled all the momentum back to the Panthers right before the half, but was tripped up by the kicker on a kickoff. That still helped him achieve 71 yards on three kickoff returns and he was the most impressive return man for Pitt in the game.

Add to that his two catches for 26 yards including a highlight-reel catch where Boyd somehow put his elbow down first on a diving out-of-bounds catch in the second half, and it's easy to see he had some kind of debut. Add it all up, and he had 151 all purpose yards.

There's a lot to be said for Street's huge game, but I'll take Boyd on this night just for everything he accomplished. It will be fun to look forward to what he can do week after week for Pitt.

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