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The Turning Point: Virginia's 2nd Turnover Sealed Their Fate

Bam Bradley pounced on the Cavaliers 2nd turnover of the game to set up Pitt

David Watford had a rough day against the Panther defense
David Watford had a rough day against the Panther defense
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of key plays in this game. You will have that with a defensive struggle. Both teams traded sharp jabs that could have turned the game one way or another, but for the play that stuck out to us as the turning point, we have to go back to the first quarter.

With Pitt leading 7-0, Virginia needed to string together a few plays. Instead, quarterback David Watford could not handle the shotgun snap and the ball ended up on the ground. Freshman linebacker Bam Bradley jumped on the loose football and gave the Panthers' offense a big break by starting another drive in Cavalier territory. This time the offense was able to set up shop at the Virginia 18 yard line.

Using the momentum of the Bradley's fumble recovery, Tom Savage hit Devin Street two plays later on a nifty pass in the back of the end zone to give Pitt a 14-0 lead. With how Virginia's offense has struggled this season, this play enabled the Panthers to pull into full control of the game and make Watford and company play catch up for the rest of the way.

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