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Florida State loss not a reason for Pitt to panic

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

A couple of days later and it still doesn't seem any different. There have been those that have downplayed the loss, but whenever you lose at home by four touchdowns, it's nothing short of an unmitigated disaster.

That said, as much as you may want to head to your nearest bridge ... don't.

Besides the fact that it's been only one game. Besides the fact that Pitt faced one of the nation's best teams. It's simply way too early to push the panic button on this team this season - and especially the program.

Like you, I've seen the insane calls for the heads of Paul Chryst and defensive coordinator Matt House. But this is what happens in a rebuilding process, folks. Fact is, Pitt's been in one for two years and in only Chryst's second season, it's going to take a while to get things going again.

The Panthers were a top 15 program as recently as a few seasons ago and can reach those heights again. But it's going to take time - time for some of the talent Pitt has acquired to develop. I made this point in the comments, but Pitt should have a pretty formidable team in two years.

At quarterback, presumably, will be Chad Voytik who should have a year of experience under his belt as a starter. At running back, promising James Conner and maybe, just maybe, Shai McKenzie. Wide receiver Tyler Boyd already looks like a star and will be some kind of player in two years. The offensive line with guys like Dorian Johnson, Adam Bisnowaty, Michael Grimm, and the slew of others brought in has a chance to be special. And on defense, guys like Lafayette Pitts, Bam Bradley, and Ejuan Price are all highly-touted.

There's plenty of reason for optimism about the program and to give up on the coaching staff this early would be foolish. Like him or not, Dave Wannstedt took the Pitt program to heights they hadn't reached in decades. It took him three years without having a winning season before he broke through and had nine wins in 2008 and ten in 2009.

It should really go without saying, but don't give up on Chryst just yet. There's no guarantee that he's the right man for the job, but we'll never know unless he gets a chance.

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