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Pitt will have chance to rebound with upcoming schedule

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Justin K. Aller

With Pitt's first game in the books, there's still a lot of questions about the team this season. As I said earlier, that game wasn't really a good measuring stick for the Panthers. Facing one of college football's top teams, we don't really have much of an idea of what to expect out of Pitt this fall.

That should change over the next few weeks, though.

Pitt has a chance to rebound in their next three games. Next up, the Panthers have New Mexico at home - they just lost to the University of Texas ... at San Antonio (UTSA), that is. After that is a road trip against Duke. The Blue Devils were decent last year and were impressive in their opener against NC Central, but it's still a game that can be won with a good performance. After that is a game against Virginia. The Cavaliers are fresh off of a nice 19-16 win against BYU, but again, it's a game that Pitt can win if they play well. 1-2 is a possibility, but so is 3-0.

Winning all three games is far from a guarantee. However, Pitt should have a chance to do so and we'll have a much better idea of this team's capabilities after these next three games.

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