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Did Florida State loss kill Pitt's recruiting efforts? Not necessarily, says ESPN.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Ordinarily, a blowout loss is just the kind of thing you might think would keep top recruits away., however, reported that the recruits in attendance weren't all that dismayed. The article is an Insider one, so I won't copy and paste the text here. However, the gist is that many recruits came away impressed despite the big loss.

Look, the atmosphere was a good one. At kickoff, the crowd was into the game and that lasted through a good portion of the first half. The buzz outside of the stadium before the game was just as big.

Still, what the recruits said publicly and what they really feel could be two different things. While the atmosphere may have been impressive, I find it hard to believe that the way Pitt lost didn't look bad on the field. The game was an utter debacle and losing by four touchdowns can't possibly be good for recruiting.

The other thing of note was that it was the first game of the season. These recruits will be making quite a few stops along the way and they'll see plenty of game day atmospheres that match up well with what it was like at Pitt.

None of that is to suggest that Pitt's recruiting for 2014 is going to hinge on that one game. And the Panthers will have plenty of time later in the year to win over potential players. But when it comes to the Labor Day game, I'm not sure the Panthers made a great impression.

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