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All the Links: Weekly Pitt link dump / "Roll over Beethoven" (Chuck Berry)

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Justin K. Aller

Roll Over Beethoven (live) - Chuck Berry (via LaforcedePoupouille)

Will be good to get back to some football this week. Have to say, without Pitt playing, Saturdays aren't quite as fun. Here's your weekly collection of Pitt links that we didn't cover from last week along with live music from Chuck Berry - "Roll over Beethoven."

Pitt is remaining positive despite the Florida State loss

Former Pitt player Jovani Chappel waived his preliminary hearing in his bank robbery case

The offensive line had ups and downs in the Florida State game

Deaysean Rippy's transfer to Colorado was recently finalized

The Pitt News looks at some of the positives from the Florida State opener

Football commit Patrick Amara had a great time at the Florida State game despite the loss

ACCFootballRx lists Pitt's top two rivals as Penn State and West Virginia

Success is coming easily to freshman Tyler Boyd

The ACC has had some big wins this year already

The volleyball team defeated UConn this weekend

The men's soccer team dropped their ACC opener to NC State but the women's team moved to 4-1-1 with a win over Toledo

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