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Pitt vs. New Mexico: Stopping Kasey Carrier first objective for Panthers

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sp

Pitt won't only be focusing on one player on Saturday when they square off against New Mexico, but one guy that will probably receive the most attention is running back Kasey Carrier. Carrier, the best player on the Lobos' has quickly turned into a star.

As a junior last season, he rushed for 1,469 yards for a gaudy 5.8 yard-per-carry average and had 15 touchdowns. That yardage placed him 15th in the nation last season and he isn't slowing down much this year.

Carrier had a monster 291-yard game this weekend against UTEP, going for just over seven yards per attempt. Add in his four touchdowns and it was the most impressive game of any running back in the nation so far. The 345 yards he has on the year make him the country's leading rusher.

Carrier hasn't exactly played the stiffest of competition this year. His Lobos team opened up against the University of Texas at San Antonio and they played UTEP on Saturday. Still, it's difficult not to be impressed with what he's done so far.

He will give Pitt's front seven a tough test this weekend. Part of Carrier's problem may be the abysmal passing game we've seen from New Mexico so far that I referenced in the preview over the weekend. Still, if the Panthers aren't ready for him, it could be a long day for the defense.

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