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Pitt Loses ... Moves up in Latest College Basketball Polls

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball's rankings just got a little weirder when after dropping a game to Syracuse, Pitt actually moved up two spots in each of the major polls.

Look, you won't get any complaints from me. Truthfully, if I were voting, I'd have Pitt up even a couple of more spots. But what you saw was the classic example of poll voters admitting a bit that they'd been wrong about the Panthers.Even losing to a good team is generally grounds for slipping a couple of spots. Sometimes, teams can get lucky and stay the same. But moving up two spots? That just doesn't happen all that much.

Voters had been wrong about Pitt all season long and by them moving up into the rankings, those casting ballots finally swallowed a little bit of their pride.

Like I said, I'd have the Panthers up a bit more - maybe somewhere around No. 16 or No. 17. Still, it's nice to see the team start to garner some small level of respect. Pitt now has to do its job and prove they belong with a win tonight against Clemson.

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