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Cardiac Hill Podcast - Episode 4: Pitt-Maryland Preview

Joined by the Sports Editor of The Pitt News and the Asst. Sports Editor of The Diamondback - Maryland's student paper, Jesse fires all sorts of questions at the student journalists about today's game.

Close your eyes. Try to recall just how much you lived and breathed college basketball when you were in school. Maybe you were the maniac dancing behind the basket, or maybe you were the fan that sat down after class on Friday and stood up for your 8 am on Monday, or perhaps you earned yourself a spot on the pinewood and had the best seat in the house for four years.

Well whomever you are, clearly your commitment to NCAA basketball is legitimate.. So keep reading.

I had the chance to chat with two guys who both inhaled and exhale college sports – particularly basketball. Both Nate Barnes, Sports Editor of The Pitt News, and Aaron Kasinitz, basketball beat writer and Assistant Sports Editor of Maryland's student publication, The Diamondback, came on the show to talk everything from their respective school, to what they think of the opposing school, to who would win in a dunk contest between Steve Francis and Julius Page.

Hearing two contrasting perspectives only strengthens an opinion and who knows, you might be surprised at some of their answers.

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