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Pitt Football Recruiting: Panthers miss out on Jamil Kamara

Got to say that the longer this drug on, the more it seemed like four-star recruit Jamil Kamara was a long shot for Pitt. The Panthers were a finalist along with Virginia and Wisconsin, but in the end he chose to stay home and pick Virginia and that's what most expected.

Pitt could certainly have used him and yeah, he would have looked great alongside Tyler Boyd. But Virginia had been involved with him early on the chance to stay close to home was too much for Pitt to overcome.

The next big target for the Panthers is wide receiver Adonis Jennings. Jennings seems like more of a possibility for Pitt and is hopefully . My suggestion is to wait on all out panic. If Pitt gets Jennings, they'll be in fine shape at wide receiver for the next several years and quarterback Chad Voytik will have a great pair of weapons going forward.

Losing out on Kamara is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

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