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Top Ten Pitt Football Moments of 2013 - #3 Devin Street and Tyler Boyd break wide receiver records

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I really hate doing things like these, so I offer it with the following precursor: Things are bound to have been left off this list. Some intentionally because there simply wasn't enough room and maybe a few unintentionally that I simply forgot about.

Also, some of these are games and not necessarily individual 'moments'. That's just the way it is, though, boys and girls.

Irregardless of all of that, over the next ten days, I'll be bringing you the top ten football moments of 2013 as I see them.

No. 3 - Devin Street and Tyler Boyd break wide receiver records

I feel kind of bad lumping these two together, but trust me, it gets hard picking out ten moments from an entire season.

Both Devin Street and Tyler Boyd had big years, we all know that. But the two also set some records in the process.

Street broke the school's all-time record for career receptions, passing up Latef Grim's 178. Street finished his career with 202 grabs. Boyd, meanwhile, broke several of Larry Fitzgerald's freshman records, besting his marks for catches, yards, and 100-yard games. Boyd's season, that included 85 catches for 1,174 yards (including five 100-yard games) was also one of the best seasons of all time for a receiver at Pitt.

It's a shame that Street's injuries cost him a chance to add to his numbers. His absence in three games cost him the chance to break the career yardage mark that he almost surely would have gotten if he were healthy, sitting only 160 yards from it. If Boyd stays healthy, one has to think he'll have the chance to break the career marks for catches and yards at Pitt even if he plays only three seasons.

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