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Top Ten Pitt Football Moments of 2013 - #2 First ACC Game

Justin K. Aller

I really hate doing things like these, so I offer it with the following precursor: Things are bound to have been left off this list. Some intentionally because there simply wasn't enough room and maybe a few unintentionally that I simply forgot about.

Also, some of these are games and not necessarily individual 'moments'. That's just the way it is, though, boys and girls.

Irregardless of all of that, over the next ten days, I'll be bringing you the top ten football moments of 2013 as I see them.

No. 2 - First ACC Game

The result on the field wasn't exactly what Pitt fans were hoping for, but as the year went on, we came to find out that the loss against Florida State wasn't as embarrassing as initially believed. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't a good game by Pitt and I'll never defend a three-touchdown loss at home. To anyone. But the Seminoles weren't just good this season, they were great.

The loss was a bad one, but that didn't completely dampen spirits as it was Pitt's first game as a member of the ACC. Even with the less than desirable outcome, the inaugural ACC game for the Panthers was still a big moment of the football season. Plus, there was rib fest before the game outside of the stadium, so what's not to like about that, right?

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