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NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Odds: Vegas likes Pitt

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With Pitt chugging along so far this season, I wanted to take a look into the latest odds for national championship contenders. Don't worry - I'm not foolishly booking my tickets for the Final Four just yet. I do, however, find it interesting to see how the Panthers fare on a national level.

As of right now, Vegas appears to like Pitt better than the poll voters do. Despite not yet being ranked in the Top 25, Pitt was given reasonable 40:1 odds by Bovada to win the NCAA basketball championship. Those are only the 14th longest odds of any team.

We all know that the lines are built more to get an even amount of 'action' on both sides. Still, the Panthers are pretty high up on that list of odds.

Pitt continues to get respect from different circles out there but for some reason, still has a problem earning it in the polls. If Pitt wins against Wake Forest this weekend, chances are good that they'll finally crack at least the Coaches Poll, where they currently sit at No. 26. But for now, at least Vegas seems to like Pitt.

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