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Ken Pomeroy identifies Pitt as an underrated team

Maddie Meyer

You may or may not have seen this but ESPN had a little one on one interview with college hoops guru, Ken Pomeroy, up on their Pitt site. It's worth the seven or eight minutes of your time to watch/listen to and in it, Pomeroy identifies Pitt as an underrated team when asked to pick one that's gone a little under the radar so far this season.

That makes perfect sense based on his own rankings. While Pitt wasn't a ranked team as of this past weekend, according to Pomeroy's site, the Panthers were the eighth best team in college basketball on Sunday night. That was good enough to put them as the second best team in the ACC, sitting only a couple of slots behind Syracuse. The Panthers' Strength of Schedule is, predictably, bad. However, they rank in the top 25 in adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency, according to his ratings.

No. 8? I'm not sure if Pitt is that good, but I do think they're better than they've been given credit for this season. In the ESPN interview, even he says he doesn't feel all that strongly about them, but feels that they're like a top 20 team.

The season will play itself out, but I tend to agree with him right now.

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