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Chrystal Clear: Paul Chryst press conference recap

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

After a week off due to the bye, Pitt football head coach held his weekly press conference on Monday in advance of the Virginia Tech game. Monday night, I wrote about some player updates Chryst gave. Here's a little bit more of what he said:

One thing Chryst noted that was pretty true was in response to a question about the pass/run balance of the offense. Chryst mentioned that the penalties Pitt has had have often dictated what the team has to do in certain circumstances.

I'm going to actually focus on this in another post, but Chryst makes a really good point there.

The topic of the bye week obviously came up and Chryst thought it came during a good time for the team. "We talked about that a number of times," said Chryst. "I think in that way, I think it does come at a [good moment]. It’s much like a game, a season, and every game you’ve got those swings in momentum. You’ve got to do something to get the momentum coming back your way."

I'm not sure I agree 100% with it coming at a good time since it halted some of the momentum the team put together when they played an excellent second half against Virginia. But Chryst's point is taken and the fact is that this is still a team that's lost three straight games. Really, if there was a good time to regroup, it was last week.

Chryst also made a solid point when asked how he's preparing to play the Thursday night game. While acknowledging it was a big one on a big stage, he also said that he's more concerned with how the team prepares for the team they're playing. Cliche statement? Yeah, I guess so. Still, it's a really good point in that Pitt's focus this week needs to be on the team they're facing - not that the fact that the game is in the national spotlight.

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