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Pitt now favored against Virginia Tech in Thursday night odds

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I've already given the odds out earlier this week and since I'm not a gambling man, I would typically leave it at that. I monitor the lines just because I find them interesting, but thought this was significant enough to mention on the site.

After opening as 2 1/2-point underdogs (with the line reaching up to three points from what I saw), there's been a significant shift as the Panthers are now actually 1-1 1/2-point favorites. A four/five-point swing is hardly unprecedented, but it is noteworthy that Pitt went from being a home underdog to the favorite in only a couple of days.

What this likely means is that a lot of people were taking Pitt and the points. So much so that the lines had to come down to balance things out a bit. They shrunk and things are now actually in Pitt's favor heading into the game.

Just something of interest as we get ready for the Panthers' game tomorrow.

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