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Poll of the Week: Should James Conner play defense against Virginia Tech?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Pitt running back James Conner said he would be lining up on defense for the first time this year. Then in the ACC weekly teleconference, Paul Chryst seemed less sure about that saying, "We'll see."

As I wrote on Wednesday, there are several reasons why it makes sense for Conner to play on defense. That said, there are a few good reasons for him to remain solely on offense, too.

The biggest is that Conner is such a huge part of the offense. Pitt thrives on running the ball (though that's been less effective lately) and while Chris James and Isaac Bennett are capable backs, Conner is easily the most important cog in the backfield.

There's also Conner's workload to consider. While he'll likely be used sparingly if he plays defense, any work he gets there could put a strain (albeit a small one) on his ability to run the ball. Then there's the chance for injury since he'll be on the field more.

In addition, it's also the type of move that could mean we see less of another deserving player. Someone like Rori Blair comes to mind - a guy that's made some plays in limited action this year.

So taking all of that into consideration, which side of the argument do you come out on? Do you say yes or no to Conner playing defense.

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