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Former Pitt star Chas Alecxih watching the Pitt-Georgia Tech game. He is not amused.

Stephen Dunn

Like most of us, former Pitt player Chas Alecxih is tuning into the disaster that has become the Pitt-Georgia Tech game. And like most of us, the former defensive lineman isn't pleased.

Things started off well enough for Chas. Heck, it did for everybody. Script was back, nice Fall day - what's not to like?

Things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Pitt fumbled (on a terrible call, by the way), then fumbled again on a James Conner long run and ensuing fumble out of the end zone. Chas uttered the phrase that so many of us have in the past.

So how did Pitt respond? With a fumble, of course!

Yes, yes it was. In fact, Pitt went on to five fumbles in the first quarter. With that, like many of us, Chas was officially done for the day.

But, like the rest of us, he had questions before his departure.

Actually, yes it was. Pitt's five fumbles tied an FBS record.

Don't worry, Chas - we feel your pain. We've all suffered equally.

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