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2014-15 Pitt Basketball Previews: Cameron Wright

Senior leader Cameron Wright will miss the first month of the season while he recovers from a broken foot.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Name: Cameron Wright
Position: Shooting guard

Class: Senior

2013-14 Stats: 10.5 PPG, 3.3 RPG, 2.6 APG

Wright looks to establish himself as a senior leader on a young Panthers team. He had a fairly successful junior campaign and will have to start his season on delay after being shelved by a broken foot. Wright struggled at times last season and once he began to not do well, he seemed to mentally check himself out of games. He had several games last season when he failed to score more than six points, including a poor performance against North Carolina State when he recorded four fouls without recording a single point.

Wright, when he is completely in the game can bolster the Panthers offense immensely. His 45.6 field goal percentage is high enough that he should average more points per game. He has the ability to lead the team and just needs to keep himself mentally in the game. If he's healthy, there is no reason why he cannot be the team's leading scorer. Wright is also, by in large, the best defender on the team. His long arms allow him to clog up passing lanes and force turnovers.

His own self is his biggest weakness. Wright has all of the necessary skills to be a star on this team if he keeps his head up. His three-point shooting seemed to have improved drastically during the off-season, but while he looks to be poised for a terrific year, his perimeter shooting from beyond the arc will remain in question until he proves he can knock down more shots from the outside

Wright will be a bit rusty after being sidelined with a broken foot, but he should be healthy and ready to go by the time the ACC schedule begins. Wright will need to be a huge part of this offense in addition to his defensive prowess. He needs to be the veteran leader on this team.