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Paul Chryst says Chad Voytik 'OK'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

During Pitt's loss to Georgia Tech, several Panthers were injured. One was starting quarterback Chad Voytik, who came out of the game after getting a little dinged up after a play. Voytik exited the game and Trey Anderson came in to finish things up.

Voytik's status was a bit unknown because of that, but in his weekly press conference, head coach Paul Chryst says that Voytik is okay. "He's OK," Chryst said. "He was in for a good chunk of time yesterday. I talked to him after the game, and so we're good there."

That's obviously good news. Voytik didn't look completely unfit to play but he did take a hit that made him look a little hurt early in the fourth quarter. My guess is that if it was a closer game, he could have come back into the game. But given the fact that the Panthers were down 49-21 at the time, replacing him with Anderson just made sense.

Sounds like you can expect him under center on Saturday against Duke.

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