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Breaking Down the Two Deep: Pitt vs. Duke

Taking a look at the depth chart for the Duke game.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

QB -   1. Chad Voytik 2. Trey Anderson

Chad Voytik completed 15 of 20 passes for 193 yards on Saturday. It was one of Voytik's more efficient games as a passer in his young career. He did not have the best rushing day, and turned the ball over on the first drive that led to Pitt's eventual downfall. Still, Voytik played relatively solid, and there really isn't much gripe about his performance if you ask me.  Now if you ask some others, they think there is some sort of QB controversy. Sure, Trey Anderson had some nice throws in mop up duty, but let's be realistic about things - it was just mop up duty.  There is still quite a gap between the two, and not only that, Voytik didn't play that bad last week.

RB - 1. James Conner 2. Isaac Bennett

James Conner had his fifth 100 yard rushing day on the year, and eclipsed the 1,000 mark for the season with four games to go. Needless to say, Conner has been very solid this season. He becomes the school's first 1,000 yard back since Ray Graham did it in 2012. Conner rushed for three touchdowns to add to his season total of 14, and should have had four scores in all actuality, as he had the big mistake of fumbling the ball into the end zone.  He only touched the ball ten times, but he did have an injury that slowed him up a little bit in the first half. Chris James, Rachid Ibrahim, and Isaac Bennett all touched the ball and made plays, in fact they all caught a pass for positive yardage, and the trio should be factored into the passing game even further. I was very pleased with Ibrahim's game in particular.

HB - 1. Jaymar Parrish  2. Scott Orndoff

Neither player caught a pass this week. I know I have said it all year long, but I would use Orndoff way more than they have been doing.

WR -  1. Tyler Boyd Manasseh Garner   2. Kevin Weatherspoon Ronald Jones

Tyler Boyd had just his second 100 yard receiving game of the season, and he did it on nine catches.  People complain that Voytik stares him down too much, and I agree - he does, but chances are he will come down with it anyway. Boyd also had a fumble in this game, so even Boyd is not above criticism.  Ronald Jones had three receptions, while Weatherspoon and Garner each had a pair of catches. Adonis Jennings hauled in a pass, his third of the season.  Pitt did a nice job of spreading the ball out to everyone all things considered.

TE -  1. J.P. Holtz  2. Devon Edwards

J.P. Holtz hauled in three passes for 34 yards. Holtz had a real nice run and catch in the second quarter that accounted for 22 yards. He has responded well all year long, I hope they use him again this week.

LT -  1.  Adam Bisnowaty  2. Jaryd Jones-Smith

LG -  1. Dorian Johnson 2. Carson Baker

C -  1. Alex Officer  2. Gabe Roberts

RG -  1. Matt Rotheram  2. Alex Officer

RT -  1. T.J. Clemmings  2. Alex Bookser

Pitt racked up over 500 yards of total offense on Saturday. When they weren't turning the ball over, the Panthers were actually moving the ball just fine. Pitt did have some miscues and a few guys got blown off the line that resulted in broken plays, but they were few and far between. The line was not the problem on Saturday.

DE - 1. Shakir Soto  David Durham   2. Rori Blair  Devin Cook OR Luke Maclean

Obviously the defensive ends did not play well, as Georgia Tech torched the entire Pitt defense for 465 rushing yards. Soto had four tackles and Durham had two.  Curiously, Rori Blair did not play one snap. Maybe he struggled with the triple option during practice, but he is a promising young player that could have figured things out with his instincts.

DT -  1. Darryl Render  2. Justin Moody

Darryl Render had a tackle for loss, forced a fumble, and finished with 5 stops overall against the Yellow Jackets. Not a bad game, but not nearly enough to make a big impact.

NT - 1. Khanynin Mosley-Smith  2. Tyrique Jarrett

Khaynin Mosley-Smith had six total tackles on Saturday, and statistically speaking, he has been much better in recent weeks than he's ever been.

FREEZE - 1. Nicholas Grigsby

Nicholas Grigsby had just two total tackles on Saturday, He's played well this year overall, but that was not one of his better showings.

SAM OLB - 1. Anthony Gonzalez 2. Bam Bradley

Anthony Gonzalez had a modest day with four total tackles, while Bam Bradley finished with seven.  Both players have been solid this season, but it's hard to be pleased with anything the defense did on Saturday.

MLB - 1. Matt Galambos   2. Mike Caprara

Matt Galambos finished with five total tackles on Saturday. He has been OK this season, but nothing spectacular.

WILL OLB - 1. Todd Thomas 2. Quintin Wirginis

Todd Thomas finished with a monster game of 15 tackles. Throughout his career he has been highly productive against the triple option, and really seems to fly to the ball and read it better than most.

CB - 1. Lafayette Pitts Reggie Mitchell 2. Avonte Maddox Ryan Lewis

Hard to pin much on the corners for their pass coverage since Georgia Tech doesn't really pass. Most of their passing yards came on an 80 yard dump off pass to the running back, and another one of their five completions bounced and was ruled a catch.  So for this week, it was the rushing defense that cost Pitt.

SS -  1. Terrish Webb 2. Jevonte Pitts

Terrish Webb left the game Saturday with an injury. It looks like he is all set to play this week.

FS - 1. Ray Vinopal 2. Pat Amara

Ray Vinopal had seven total tackles, with one going for a loss. Pat Amara has been a good, versatile piece for this secondary. He played OK on Saturday with four tackles and a pass broken up.

K - Chris Blewitt P - Ryan Winslow LS - Ryan Winslow

Chris Blewitt was 4/4 on extra points.  Ryan Winslow punted just twice, as most Pitt possessions ended with a fumble or a touchdown.

KR - Tyler Boyd, Ronald Jones, Avonte Maddox   PR - Tyler Boyd  Kevin Weatherspoon

Avonte Maddox had three kick returns for 60 yards, while Boyd never really got an opportunity to return a punt.