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Pitt Football Recruiting: Jordan Whitehead says Pitt 'felt like home' after choosing Panthers over Penn State, West Virginia, and Ohio State

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, Pitt got some huge news when four-star recruit Jordan Whitehead committed to the Panthers.

There are probably many reasons Whitehead selected Pitt over Penn State, West Virginia, and Ohio State. Whitehead, for starters, should get a chance to contribute immediately and while it's early, he should even start as a true freshman. The reason he cited for choosing Pitt? It felt like home, per the Post-Gazette's Craig Meyer:

You hear that a lot from recruits, but it's one thing that seems to be more and more common with Pitt recruits. Part of the allure of Pitt for Whitehead was surely getting to play in front of family and friends every week, but I think some of it is also the fact that the coaching staff makes them feel at home as well. Whitehead's coach spoke to that a little, saying that Paul Chryst is genuine and gives a calming effect.

Chryst gets a lot of flak for not being a typical recruiter that's out for the kill. But at some point, maybe it's time to consider that his laid back style is actually a reason some kids are choosing his program. That may not sit well with fans who expect him to land every big time player from the area, but Chryst's style is likely one thing that sells kids as well as their coaches, too.

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