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Poll of the Week: Thoughts on the Script Logo

Would you like to see the script logo used more?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While the Pittsburgh Panthers were unable to defeat Georgia Tech last weekend, the administration unleashed the return of the script logo, which injected some buzz into a fanbase that was looking for something to be excited about. A lot of momentum was lost after the team's poor showing at Homecoming against the Yellow Jackets, but the return of the script has been something fans have clamored for since it was removed. And as Steve Pederson said last week, it's here to stay.

So, that begs the following questions - Should Pitt use the logo more often? Should they use it across all sports? Or, do you think that it's something that should remain in the past?

Here at Cardiac Hill, we'd like to know your opinion. Despite the football team's struggles since a 3-0 start, the return of the script was still an interesting move.

Let us know what you think about it by voting in the poll and leaving y our thoughts below.

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