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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Duke Predictions

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It's prediction time!

Pitt faces Duke on Saturday and if you're like most Pitt fans, you've probably got a hard time seeing how the Panthers win this game.

They're 1-4 over their last five games and Duke has looked significantly better against common opponents, Virginia and Georgia Tech. As such, most of our writers are picking the Blue Devils to win.

I said most.

I've always kind of been a glutton for punishment. And having followed Pitt as closely as I have, and running this blog for about six years now, I guess that just comes naturally. I'm picking the Panthers to win on Saturday, in a move, really, of idiocy. Maybe it's 'Duke' syndrome where it's still difficult to imagine them as a football school. Maybe it's the fact that Pitt is at home (albeit, in front of what should be a really light crowd).

One thing I can't shake is the fact that Duke has had a more difficult time scoring points in ACC competition. The defense has been stout, which is the reason they're 6-1. But the Panthers have actually scored more points in their ACC games (24.5 per game) than Duke has (20.3 per game).

I also like Pitt to bounce back after that showing against Georgia Tech. They're also not likely to spot the Blue Devils 28 points in the first few minutes of the game, too, so there's that.

Below are the standings and our official predictions. How do you see Saturday's game shaping up?

Chris (6-2): Duke

Anson (5-3): Pitt

Aron (5-3): Duke

Jim (4-4): Duke

Stephen (4-4): Duke

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