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Despite being slowed, James Conner still near top of rushing list

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

James Conner has cooled off a little since his fast start. Considerably, actually.

Through four games, Conner had 699 yards, averaging 175 per contest. In the two games since then, Conner has averaged exactly half of that, with 175 yards total against Akron and Virginia.

While it's true that Conner's workload has decreased (he's averaging only 23 carries a game over those last two while averaging nearly 28 in the first four), he also hasn't been as effective. The 3.8 yards per carry he averaged against Akron and Virginia isn't terrible, but it's significantly fewer than the 6.4 he averaged in those first four games.

We all know the drill - Pitt's offense has been a little predictable and teams have keyed in on Conner more after his fast start. In all, Conner has 874 yards on the season and on pace or about 1,750 on the year.

Despite slowing down, Conner is still ranking as one of the top rushers in the FBS. In fact, he's practically leading the way.

Conner is second behind only Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah and Abdullah only leads Conner by four yards.

Several players have played only five games while Conner has six in already. Still, despite the last couple of weeks when he has struggled a little, Conner still has a fighting chance to win the rushing title.

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