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King of the Hill: Cardiac Hill's ACC Football Power Rankings (Week 11)

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After a bye week for Pitt, time to check in the updated power rankings. Everything held to script this week and there weren't any upsets in the conference. This is the first week where the rankings stay exactly the same as last week. A few teams, Syracuse and Wake Forest, hung around late against some of the ACC's best, but fell late.

As always, tell me what I got right or wrong in the comments section.

1. Florida State (9-0) - Took out Virginia this week

2. Clemson (7-2) - Pulled away late against Wake Forest

3. Duke (6-1) - Pulled away late against Syracuse

4. Georgia Tech (7-2) - Scored 56 in a dominant win against North Carolina State

5. Louisville (7-3) - Doubled up Boston College, 38-19

6. Miami (6-3) - On a bye

7. Boston College (6-4) - Lost to Louisville

8. North Carolina (4-5) - On a bye

9. Virginia (4-6) - Lost to Florida State, but remain ahead of Pitt due to head to head win

10. Pitt (4-5) - On a bye

11. Virginia Tech (4-5) - On a bye

12. North Carolina State (5-5) - Crushed by Georgia Tech

13. Syracuse (3-7) - Beaten by Duke

14. Wake Forest (2-7) - Beaten by Clemson

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