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Breaking Down the Two Deep: Pitt at North Carolina

Breaking down the two-deep depth chart for the Pitt-UNC game.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

QB - 1. Chad Voytik 2. Trey Anderson

Chad Voytik is coming off perhaps his best game as a starter. The sophomore playcaller went 16-24 for 236 yards and 2 touchdowns, with no interceptions. He also rushed for 58 yards and a score. If Pitt can continue to get performances like that from him, the gripes and frustrations will go quickly go away.  Through Voytik's 16 completions, he was able to spread the ball around to nine different players, including some to the tight ends and running backs.  One of Voytik's biggest problems was locking in on Boyd, so it is very god to see him spread the ball around more.

RB - 1. James Conner 2. Isaac Bennett

James Conner rushed for a career high 263 yards against Duke. He posted three rushing touchdowns, including a punishing run in the first overtime to tie the game.  He was spectacular all game long, and had some really big runs that showed off his power, but also his speed.  He will have two weeks of rest going into the Carolina game, so expect him to get a heavy workload again. Chris James had eight carries for 30 yards on Saturday, and that was actually his highest total since he had 77 yards in week one. Ibrahim had two carries for ten yards, while Bennett had two carries and a catch for 14 yards total.

HB - 1. Jaymar Parrish  2. Scott Orndoff

Both Jaymar Parrish and Scott Orndoff had a catch in the Duke game. It was Orndoff's third catch on the year and Parrish's fourth.

WR - 1. Tyler Boyd Manasseh Garner   2. Kevin Weatherspoon OR Ronald Jones Adonis Jennings OR Dontez Ford

OK, some changes finally. Throughout most of the year Jones and Weatherspoon were listed as the lone backups, but now they are listed just as one set of backups, and Dontez Ford and Adonis Jennings are now listed as the other.  It is nice to see Jennings finally crack the depth chart, and perhaps he can have a bigger impact down the stretch. He came down with a catch last week, and Dontez Ford came out of nowhere to have a big catch in the Duke game. I think Voytik is progressing, and the receivers not named Tyler Boyd should benefit.

TE - 1. J.P. Holtz  2. Devon Edwards

J.P. Holtz had two red zone touchdowns against Duke, and he has been more involved in the offense in recent weeks.

LT - 1. Adam Bisnowaty  2. Jaryd Jones-Smith

LG - 1. Dorian Johnson 2. Carson Baker

C -  1. Alex Officer  2. Gabe Roberts

RG - 1. Matt Rotheram  2. Alex Officer

RT - 1. T.J. Clemmings  2. Alex Bookser

The offensive line paved the way for 594 yards of offense in their last game, and that is no easy feat. They opened up giant running lanes for Conner and gave Voytik time to make plays. There were still some careless penalties sprinkled in there, but if Pitt is running up nearly 600 yards on a top 25 team, hard to really be upset with how the team played.

DE - 1. Shakir Soto  David Durham  2. Devin Cook OR Luke Maclean   Rori Blair

The defensive ends did not have a very productive day in their last game, and they have been a unit that has not had the best of years.  David Durham has been the best of the bunch this year.

DT - 1. Darryl Render  2. Justin Moody

Neither played registered any sort of statistic against Duke.

NT - 1. Khaynin Mosley-Smith 2. Tyrique Jarrett

These guys were not much better, Mosley-Smith had an assisted tackle, and that was it.

FREEZE - 1. Nicholas Grigsby

Grigsby had a quiet day with just one tackle and a QB hurry.

SAM OLB - 1. Anthony Gonzalez  2. Bam Bradley

Gonzalez had four tackles and Bradley had three in their last game.

MLB - 1. Matt Galambos  2. Mike Caprara

Matt Galambos finished with six total tackles last game against the Blue Devils. He has been steady this season, but nothing spectacular.

WILL OLB - 1. Todd Thomas 2. Quintin Wirginis

Todd Thomas had another big day, and he has been one of the best player on this defense all year long.  I still think Thomas has some NFL potential, and he is certainly playing that way of late.

CB - 1. Lafayette Pitts Avonte Maddox 2. Reggie Mitchell Ryan Lewis

Avonte Maddox had a rough game against Duke, and got beat deep for touchdowns multiple times.  This position as a whole has had it tough this year, but help is on the way next year, but that doesn't mean much for the game against UNC on Saturday.

FS -  1. Ray Vinopal 2. Pat Amara

Ray Vinopal has been as solid of a player as there has been on this Pitt team all year long. He continues to have a very nice senior season. Pat Amara came up with a tackle for loss in the last game, and he continues to do some good things as a true freshmen.

SS - 1. Reggie Mitchell 2. Jevonte Pitts

Terrish Webb is out for the year, and the corresponding move was to bring Mitchell to safety. If you recall way back during Fall camp, Mitchell and Webb were battling it out for this spot, but before a winner could be declared Mitchell was moved to corner out of need.

K - Chris Blewitt P - Ryan Winslow LS - David Murphy

What more can you say? Chris Blewitt missed a short kick that would have won the game. Pitt would be 5-4 instead of 4-5 right now.

PR - 1. Tyler Boyd Kevin Weatherspoon   KR -  1. Tyler Boyd  2. Avonte Maddox

Tyler Boyd broke loose for a big kick return last week, and that is something he is always capable of doing.