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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt-North Carolina Predictions

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Pitt football gets back on the field on Saturday and with the season going downhill, the Panthers need to finish strong just to reach a bowl game. With a difficult finale against Miami, Saturday's game may be a make or break type of deal for Pitt's postseason hopes.

As you can probably expect, our writers were decidedly split on this one. Those of us going with the Tar Heels do so strictly based on sound logic. Those of us picking Pitt really have no good reason why.

Pitt can win on Saturday, but if they do, they'll likely need to play actual defense ... so you can see where the concern part comes in.

Below are the standings and our official game picks. Give us your predictions for the game below in the comments section.

Chris (7-2): Pitt

Aron (6-3): Pitt

Anson (5-4): North Carolina

Jim (5-4): Pitt

Stephen (5-4): North Carolina

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