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Panther of the Game: James Conner

James Conner just keeps destroying opposing defenses and did it again in the latest Pitt loss yesterday.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With apologies to Tyler Boyd, James Conner gets the nod as our Panther of the Game yesterday in their 40-35 loss to North Carolina. Boyd gave it a great shot with unreal catches, timely plays, and just flat out burning the Tar Heel secondary with five catches for 160 yards and one touchdown. When someone has five catches and every one of them, you remember, you are doing some special things. At the risk of having the fan base collectively beat me to death, I'll even say a defensive player had a whale of a game and that was freshman Avonte Maddox. I guess if I actually knew all the ins and outs of high level college football, I would probably find one of Pitt's offensive lineman to talk about too. I don't though, so Conner gets the nod.

30 carries and 220 yards and four more touchdowns!  If he's not invited to New York for the Heisman presentation, I just don't know what else he has to do. Chances are he'll put up some decent numbers against Syracuse, but I guess it would come down to the Miami game and see what he can do there.  If he puts up over 100 yards in that game, I think you have to invite him. On the season, he just has some eye popping numbers. He has over 1500 yards on the season and HE HAS TWO GAMES LEFT!  He also has 21 touchdowns and again...HE STILL HAS TWO GAMES LEFT!

You have to love that the big sophomore broke one for 56 yards in the first quarter and as he pulled away from North Carolina's defenders, he wrapped the ball up tight in both arms. It was great to watch. He's great to watch. I know this Pitt team is infuriating, but if you have the chance to go to their last home game of the year and watch this young man run people over, run past them, make moves only a scat back can make, please do so.  He deserves your attention.

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