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The Turning Point: Do I really need to tell you?

As in any shootout, this game had many turning points and one of the last mistakes was the key moment in Pitt's 51-48 loss to Duke yesterday.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

I had it all ready.

Halfway through the fourth quarter and the Panthers in need of a big play, they got one. Pitt needed a big play on second down and ten yards to go at their own 47-yard line. Chad Voytik hit Tyler Boyd on a nifty play for 20 yards and put Pitt into position to tie the game up, instead of folding late. There were others, but that was going to be my pick for our weekly Turning Point.

Things changed as the game went on, though, and I was forced to reconsider.

The play of the game was obviously the missed field goal as time expired in regulation. Chris Blewitt missed a golden opportunity to send the Panthers to a win over a Top 25 team in a situation where it was badly needed. He missed a 26-yard field goal as time expired after Duke coach David Cutcliffe used two timeouts to freeze the kicker. It worked and the kick was not even close.

The thing that hurts most about this is that he's been very solid for Pitt in his first two years and hopefully he can put this behind him. It just came at a really bad time.

I often wonder what Pitt fans did to deserve these continuous kicks in the nuts, but I have no idea. The missed kick was difficult to explain since Blewitt hasn't exactly struggled with kicking this season.

It was late in the game, but Blewitt's missed kick is our turning point of the game.

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