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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Cardiac Hill's Pitt-Miami predictions

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With the Maui Invitational and Thanksgiving preparations tying up most of my time this week, we didn't get to a lot of Miami coverage. Even my idea to get a quick post up on the odds was thwarted since the game is off the books (at least of Friday morning) per Oddshark - presumably due to the James Conner injury.

I've tried all week to come up with some realistic scenario that equals a Pitt win. But if you take the homer glasses off, it's really hard to reach that conclusion.

Miami beat Duke and North Carolina - two teams that beat the Panthers. The Hurricanes also lost far more respectably against Georgia Tech and beat Virginia Tech by a greater margin than Pitt did. Sure, they suffered an ugly blowout loss to Virginia, a team that Pitt almost defeated. But in regard to common opponents, overall, they've just fared much better.

The Hurricanes also came close to knocking off undefeated Florida State and have just been more impressive this year. That narrow 30-26 loss to the Seminoles is also Miami's sole loss at home this year and they will host the Panthers on Saturday.

All in all, they also have a more balanced offense and a stronger defense statistically. In other words, it's difficult to predict a win here. The Panthers can win this game and they have more incentive to do so with a bowl game on the line. And we've all seen Conner practically will the team to victory. If he plays on Saturday and is mostly healthy, you have to give Pitt a fighting chance. But if you're forcing us to pick here, we've all got our eyes on Miami and it's really difficult to expect a Panthers win here. As a result, the season standings will remain unchanged.

Chris (8-3): Miami

Anson (7-4): Miami

Aron (7-4): Miami

Jim (6-5): Miami

Stephen (6-5): Miami

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