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Pitt-West Virginia still considered a top rivalry

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt and West Virginia haven't played since 2012, but the rivalry is still fresh in a lot of minds.

With rivalry week in college football here, FOX Sports took to naming the Top 25 rivalries of all time in college football. The Panthers-Mountaineers rivalry still managed to rank 11th overall, despite the teams not playing since 2012 and having no games upcoming in the immediate future.

Pitt-West Virginia makes sense but Pitt-Penn State was omitted. It probably belongs, but having not played in the past decade, that one takes a back seat in this sort of thing. At least Pitt and West Virginia having some recent games together.

Rivalry week without West Virginia or Penn State really feels kind of hollow to me. The Backyard Brawl was a big part of Thanksgiving for a lot of people and without it rivalry week just isn't the same. Pitt, of course, has some history with today's opponent, Miami. But it's far from the same as a game against the Mountaineers or Nittany Lions.

Army-Navy topped the list as the No. 1 rivalry.

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