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Has Matt House been fired yet? Nope, says website.

Vince Caligiuri

So, we've all seen websites clamoring for head coaches to be fired. Someone, apparently has started their own campaign to get folks to start speculating about defensive coordinator Matt House.

This has probably been up for some time now, but hat tip to reader PittPanthers2003 for finding this website to check on the status of the Panthers' maligned coordinator.

Simple and to the point - no long drawn out explanation. Simply, has Matt House been fired yet? Nope. How about now? Um, no. Now? I'm not even answering that.

Will House be let go or demoted after this season? I've got no clue. Should he be gone? You can argue to some degree that the talent level on the defensive side of the ball is pretty light. Still, having allowed over 50 points to opponents who had record days against the Panthers isn't exactly helping his cause.

This is the second straight year, fair or not, where there has been widespread criticism of House. Things seem to be worse this season, though.

Check back later to see if House has indeed been dismissed yet.

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