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Twitter demands Pitt-Penn State in Pinstripe Bowl game

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Once upon a time, someone mentioned a Pitt-Penn State bowl game as a possibility. It was in the middle of the season so you'll forgive us for not paying that much attention.

Now, though, the game could actually become a reality and Twitter is, well, demanding it. Late Saturday night, #PittVsPennStatePinstripe was trending in Pittsburgh. Credit Bob Pompeani for the first mention of it.

Lots still needs to happen, of course. But the Pinstripe could conceivably put together a Pitt-Penn State game since they have an affiliation with ACC and Big Ten teams. Another bowl with a shot would be the Quick Lane Bowl, which also has an ACC-Big Ten affiliation.

Regardless of the destination, you've got to think that game would sell tickets. The Pinstripe, for the record, had a chance to set up a Pitt-West Virginia contest last year but it didn't happen. Pitt-Penn State could make a lot of sense since the primary objective is to sell as many tickets as possible.

Make this happen, people. CM Punk demanded WWE bring back the ice cream bars, we demand this. Pretty simple, actually.

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