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Pitt head coach Paul Chryst already the hot name for vacant Wisconsin job

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We're only a few hours into learning that Wisconsin football head coach Gary Andersen is taking his talents to Oregon State. Still, that's been enough to make Pitt head man Paul Chryst the runaway winner for the name most often being mentioned as a potential candidate.

Twitter, as you would expect, is a predictable mess with pockets of Wisconsin fans wanting Chryst as head coach and others saying he's not nearly a big enough candidate. Whichever side you're on, though, Chryst's name is by far the one gaining the most traction as a possible replacement.

FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman was the first big name guy to speculate on Chryst that I saw:

SI's Pete Thamel puts Chryst in his pool of Badgers candidates:

And ... so does ESPN's Joe Schad:

Sean Merriman of the Big Ten Network also says Chryst is a logical candidate:

ESPN's Matt Fortuna takes things a step further by saying Wisconsin needs to grab Chryst:

Matt Maisel cites Chryst, but asks the question a lot of us are thinking:

CBS Sports' Tom Lemming is calling his shot with Chryst:

So, yeah.

Unlike the Nebraska and Michigan rumors, there seems to be a lot more wind behind the Chryst talk. Keep in mind that these guys are only speculating and not reporting things they're hearing about Wisconsin's interest. The name of Chryst is also a convenient one since he has strong ties to the school. Still, to see so many national media guys on board thinking the same thing gives a little more credibility to the idea that Chryst could, if nothing else, become a candidate.

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