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Paul Chryst to reportedly meet with Barry Alvarez on Wisconsin opening

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports


It would appear University of Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez has isolated his first priority in the search for a new football coach.

A source said a meeting is "imminent" involving Alvarez and Paul Chryst, the former UW offensive coordinator who’s now the coach at Pittsburgh.

Hat tip to reader PMizzle88 for pointing this link out in one of the other threads.

The article references that Chryst and Alvarez could actually have met as soon as today in Florida, where the Wisconsin AD is to promote the Outback Bowl.

Chryst has indeed been out recruiting, so he's been out of sight for a while. So the idea that he could get away to meet with Alvarez isn't far-fetched.

Keep in mind, the context of the meeting (if there was one) isn't yet known. it could be to rule Chryst out (unlikely IMO - I'm not sure they would need to meet for that) or it could be to hash out details for a potential move. Also note that we're dealing with an anonymous 'source' here. That always has to be considered and, in the meantime, we continue to wait for more word.

If you're hoping for a Chryst return, however, this coupled with his silence to date isn't all that encouraging.

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