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Paul Chryst to Wisconsin: Pitt fans should be careful what they wish for

Paul Chryst appears to be leaving for Wisconsin, after season of fans asking for a new coach.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

No matter how much I watch/follow Pitt's athletics programs, one thing I'll never understand is the constant desire for coaching and personnel changes from fans. Now, I am not saying that all fans (or even a majority) think this way - in fact I am convinced that it is a pretty small minority. However, that minority always seems to be a vocal one.

You don't have to look for on Twitter or in the comments of posts on Cardiac Hill to find people that are happy Pitt is reportedly on to find its next coach.

Staying on topic, but outside of football, I'm not sure that the average Panthers fan realizes how blessed they are to have a guy like Jamie Dixon as head coach of the men's basketball team. Dixon is a widely viewed as an elite coach, despite his postseason track record.

Fans calling for Chryst to be fired after the loss to Akron or after the team only finished .500 for a fourth straight year should consider that perhaps one of the reasons that Pitt has not been a great program recently is that there are consistent coaching changes being made.

Then, take a look at oft-criticized former quarterback Tino Sunseri. The kid played under three different head coaches during his tenure, each of whom used a different playbook. How is a quarterback supposed to adequately develop if it changes each year that he is the starting quarterback? His senior year numbers (3,288 passing yards, 65% completion percentage, and 21 touchdowns to only three interceptions) showed more of what could have been, had he had the same coach all three years - yet he's often viewed as one of the worst things to ever happen to Pitt football.

Chad Voytik has great potential and with players like Tyler Boyd and James Connor, two elite weapons who will be on many award shortlists next season, they are now forced to endure a coaching change, which could harm their potential.

I am not saying that Chryst was the perfect coach at Pitt, but it would be beneficial for the program to have a coach that stays for more than a few seasons. Stability is sorely needed and losing Chryst at this point isn't all that ideal. Chryst was an all-around good guy, a solid offensive recruiter, and while he made some coaching mistakes, it shouldn't be forgotten that he is still relatively new to the head coaching game.

Let's hope that the next Pitt coach is a resurrected Vince Lombardi or Pop Warner, or else Panther fans may be calling for his job halfway through next season.