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Wisconsin hiring policy will delay any possible Paul Chryst announcement

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Paul Chryst is expected to become the next head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers. Any formal announcement, however, won't be coming for a while because of the University's hiring policies:

None of this means, however, that we'll need to wait until the 17th before we know if Chryst is leaving or not. A likely scenario could be him resigning from his position sooner than that, obviously.

Another thing in the mix here is that it's the weekend. Chryst could conceivably spend the weekend getting his ducks in a row and confirming that he wants the job before he resigns from Pitt. At this point with him expected to leave, waiting to officially resign wouldn't necessarily be holding anything up. Players and recruits hoping he stays may be in limbo a little longer, but they're hearing/seeing the rumors, too, so they know something could be up.

But again, the official announcement won't be coming out of Wisconsin until the 17th at the earliest, per that tweet quoting athletic director Barry Alvarez.

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