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Satan employed by Pitt. Per Wikipedia.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Pederson isn't well liked by many Pitt fans. So much so, in fact, that Pederson even gets blamed or things blatantly not his fault, such as Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen leaving to take the Oregon State job - thus opening the head football job at Wisconsin.

Blaming Pederson for Chryst leaving to take his dream job is kind of like blaming Jamie Dixon that Cam Wright injured his foot earlier this year. Either way, though, Pederson seems to have more detractors than supporters and that spilled over into Wikipedia on Friday, as a Twitter follower pointed out to me:

Pederson Wikipedia

University of Pittsburgh, good. ACC Conference check. Division I, okay. Athletic Director, Steve Ped ... hey, wait a minute.

Wikipedia actually kept this up longer than I expected as I checked back later and found it still up there. Alas, it has been removed now. You can probably expect to see more Wikipedia shenanigans in the coming days/weeks.

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