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Guess the correct score of Pitt-Oakland basketball game for a chance to win a calendar

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Quick note here in that Asgard Press has again given us a couple of calendars to give away as prizes. In case you're not familiar with these, they are great looking calendars and feature photos of football game programs. These photos are 11" x 14" and fully detachable so that you can frame/hang them.

You can purchase these outright over on their site and if you use that link and enter Promo Code cardiachill14 you'll get 10% off. They not only have plenty of other teams but all kinds of other topics as well.

If you want it in time for Christmas and want to use standard shipping, you need to order by TODAY (Monday the 16th). Sorry for the late notice and all, but with Chryst-gate, etc., things have been busy around here.

Here's how you can win.

I'll be doing this the same way we've done in the past through a Guess the Score contest. The game we'll use is Pitt's men's basketball game this Saturday, December 20th against Oakland.

To make things easy on myself since I'm footing the shipping on my own dime, the person closest to Pitt's final total of points scored in the game will win both calendars. In case  two people guess the same total, the person whose guess came first in the gamethread will be the winner (Hint, don't guess the same number as somebody else). You can also only enter one time per person.

If we've got a tie (for example, if Pitt scores 70 and someone guesses 73 and someone else guesses 67), the tiebreaker will be whoever guesses closest to the opponent's final score. So you need to guess the final score of the game. If there's still a tie after that with both people guessing closest to the opponent's total number of points, the person guessing earliest will win.

I'll be opening the gamethread at 9:00 a.m. EST on Saturday and you can enter anytime up until 4:00 p.m. EST to make your guess. Any guesses after 4:00 p.m. will not be counted (even 4:01 p.m. will be too late).

So look for the gamethread on Saturday and leave your comment before the game starts to take your shot. Leave any questions you have in the comments section.