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He Gone: Paul Chryst officially out at Pitt, announced as new Wisconsin head coach

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The big news on Wednesday was that announcement of Steve Pederson and Pitt parting ways. But Paul Chryst also officially joined Wisconsin as the Badgers' new head coach.

Chryst was announced at Wisconsin's press conference and Pitt is now officially looking for another head coach.

The fanfare of his hiring exceeded what even most expected. The Badgers had a band and cheerleaders at the ready for the return of Chryst, Wisconsin's former offensive coordinator.

The move officially begins Pitt's search for its next coach, though, you'd like to believe that with this in the making for several days, the school already has some ideas on which way they want to go. The Post-Gazette had word on Tuesday that Greg Schiano was being contacted by the Panthers as a potential candidate.

It will be interesting to see how the search for a new coach coincides with the search for an athletic director. These things are always kind of difficult to navigate and it's unclear if Pitt will make sure Pederson's replacement is in before a football coach is hired.

Chryst left with class and handled things pretty well as a whole. The fact remains, though, that he leaves without accomplishing all that much with three consecutive 6-6 regular seasons.

Let the search begin.

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