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Joe Rudolph named interim head coach

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Lost a bit in the news tonight of Paul Chryst and Steve Pederson both leaving Pitt was the news that offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph will be taking over as the team's interim football coach. In that role, Rudolph will lead Pitt in their Armed Forces Bowl Game appearance against Houston in January.

Rudolph's name is one that has been tossed around as a potential coach. I'm not sure how much the job he does over the next few weeks will play into being able to land the head coaching gig, but if he can garner enough support from the players, you'd have to think he'll at least get a look at getting his shot to replace Chryst.

Rudolph's problem is that he's likely going to be up against other guys with head coaching experience. Greg Schiano was reportedly a guy Pitt was interesting in speaking to and others such as Doc Holliday have been heavily mentioned as those the school should be interested in.

For now, though, the program is under Rudolph for the time being.