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Jamie Dixon comments on Steve Pederson leaving Pitt

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Pederson and Pitt 'mutually' agreed to part ways on Wednesday and with the news that Paul Chryst was leaving for Wisconsin, it's been a busy day.

Buried in between all of that as the fact that Pitt actually had a basketball game against Manhattan tonight. The Panthers won and one of our writers, Aron, was down with the media for the contest and afterwards, Pederson leaving Pitt obviously came up and basketball coach Jamie Dixon commented on it:

"As far as Steve and Paul, two very good friends of mine and who I respect greatly. It's tough to see friends leave, but Pitt will be fine and Pitt will continue to battle and improve and get better and we have great leadership here. I'm excited about the future."


"I'm excited about our future, I'm excited about our leadership. And I know that we have a lot of good things going for us."

Dixon was one of Pederson's supporters so it was interesting to see how he would take the news. While he may like Pederson, though, this clearly doesn't seem like it is affecting how he feels about Pitt - or at least he's not showing it. Dixon spoke of the future and overall, seemed like this was a bump in the road.

We'll see if he has more reaction later, but for now, Dixon losing a friend in Pederson doesn't seem like it will affect him in terms of coaching at Pitt.

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